About this blog

The internet is such a gigantic space and I really appreciate that you somehow landed on my website. Welcome! 🥳

This page primarily focuses on my journey across the cloud-native landscape: Cool projects, interesting lessons-learned and whatever comes to my mind. I am absolutely convinced that cloud-native software and platform engineering enable us to deliver even better software products that make the end-users’ lives better.

While many people associate the cloud primarily with the well-known hyperscalers out there (GCP, AWS, Azure …), the true power of cloud-nativeness lies in the open source nature of the amazing technology that enables cloud-stacks in the first place. Take a look at the CNCF landscape for instance: There are so many amazing projects that allow anyone to benefit from cloud technology, regardless of whether their stack runs on a hyperscaler, a local data center or may be even a homelab.

Have fun and stay curious!

A few words about me Link to heading

For those wondering who I am: My name is Christian Danscheid and I am a software/platform engineer at REWE digital GmbH in Cologne, Germany 🇩🇪. I have been using and developing cloud-native software and platforms for many years now and I am still not tired of. There is still so much more to explore!